As well as treating you to an evening aerial trapeze act and a pyrotechnics display, we've got a DJ and live music on both the Friday & Saturday night. 

The lineup so far includes... 'Melanie Baker', 'Room full of mirrors' & 'Returning Leopards'.

Melanie Baker

Melanie Baker is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Penrith. Her catchy folk-pop songs are a hit online and she's proving to be a successful live musician, playing gigs regularly around Cumbria. Her debut EP "Strangers" hit #2 best-selling preorder on the iTunes singer/songwriters charts and thanks to her loyal online following she has now had over 80,000 streams on her songs on Spotify

Room full of mirrors

Formed in 2010, RFM are festival favourites having played Solfest, Kendal Calling, Knockengorroch, Edenfest, Macfest, Ravenstondale music fest, the Big Green Gathering, Sedbergh Folk Fest, Beatherder and more. They also regularly rip it up at pub and club gigs.

Room Full Of Mirrors draw upon every rootsy genre they can get their grubby little mitts on, from Celtic tunes to reggae grooves, Eastern European vibes to Americana, Middle Eastern sounds to English folk music, drawing it all together with a pop sensibility and an infectious groove..

Returning Leopards

Returning Leopards came into being in 2014 – a creation of Keith Fitton and his step-son, Matt. The magic drifted upon them quietly like the fog spreading over a frozen marsh field. Keith has played guitar since the age of 11 after swapping his collection of cowboy annuals for a beat up student nylon strung piece of wood. He then played in a school band, and various college outfits  developing as a singer-songwriter in his own right.

Matt is Keith’s son-in-law, growing up in Yorkshire and Blackpool before locating with his family to Cumbria. the attended art college in Hull and learnt to play drums as well as guitar. Matt was soon playing in local bands playing indie rock whilst also starting to write his own songs. After a few times messing around and playing songs the intrepid pair decided to formalise the set-up and launch themselves as Returning Leopards.

Featuring Matt on rhythm guitar and Keith on lead guitar and harmonica they produce a sound which has to be heard to be believed. It’s a softly pulsating plaintive cry, at times a sort of psychedelic folk rock with mixed overtones of indie rock and the close harmonies of The Jayhawks. Following a serious motorcycle accident in 2004 Keith lost the total use of his right arm/hand so has had to develop a means of playing guitar one-handed using only his fretting hand. Their largely original material tells tales of relationships that go well, and some that don’t, the search for meaning, the rise and fall of fortunes lost and fortunes gained set in the dreamy landscape of Cumbria.